Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The History Of The Lingerie Bowl

First Lingerie Bowl was played on February 2nd, 2004, at Los Angeles Coliseum, a 20 minute, 7 vs 7 match between Team Dream (in white and light blue) and Team Euphoria (in black and pink). The organizers presented as superstars of this 1st Lingerie Bowl Nikki Ziering for Dream and Angie Everhart for Euphoria. Sideline interviews were by Traci Bingham who, in the atmosphere of the event, wore a low-necked white under dress. Amy Weber commented the match and Daisy Sanchez sang the national anthem. The kick-off by Jamie Eifert (Team Dream) inaugurated history of Lingerie Bowl. The first half ended 0-0. In the second half British player Gwendolyn Osbourne scored the only touchdown of the match, leading Team Dream to a 6-0 victory.

Gwendolyn was also chosen as MVP and, besides a trophy, was also given an even more pleasant reward, a kiss by Didiayer Leworthy, former Miss Australia. Sponsor of first Lingerie Bowl was (a gambling site). Interest was shown before by car companies Chrysler and Dodge, but both retreated because of polemics grown for this event, that many (especially women) thought offensive for women and for woman sports. I think it�s not so. On the contrary, an American football match played by girls dressed to make their femininity stand out is a likeable attack to machism that sometimes haunt this sport. Besides, Lingerie Bowl was an opportunity to advertise woman football and sports. Beach volley players are more exposed
than lingerie football players and often track-and-field stars show no less. �It�s a whole lot more than what people wear on the beach� rightly said lingerie football quarterback Jennifer Birmingham.

In American football, quarterback is the player that people look more to. So in lingerie football, that position is given to the girl who is thought to be the greatest attraction. In 2004, quarterback position was given to Nikki Ziering for Team Dream and to Angie Everhart for Team Euphoria. But coaches did some changes. Eric Dickerson, Dream�s coach and former LA Rams� running back, was impresses with Jennifer Birmingham�s skill and the girl, listed as cornerback, became Dream�s quarterback. Jennifer surely took profit from advice by her friends Brock Berlin, Josh Booty e John David Booty, former quarterbacks of Evangel Christian Academy (information about Jennifer from the article "Benton native to quarterback Lingerie Bowl", published in, January 31st, 2004).

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